Genetic Maps of the Rat Genome

Release Seven (Final), January 2000

Genetic Maps of the Rat

These pictures represent genetic linkage maps of the rat resulting from the integration of two F2 intercrosses (SHRSP x BN and FHH x ACI). There are a total of 4,786 markers on these maps; 4375 WIBR/MIT CGR markers; 223 markers from the previously released Mit/Mgh rat maps and 188 markers from the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases "Arb" rat maps. View a table listing number of markers by cross, type and chromosome or download the table via anonymous ftp.

Map Description

The left hand side of each picture represents the SHRSP x BN cross and the right hand side the FHH x ACI cross. Markers in common between the two crosses are connected by a line to define integration points. Pictures are drawn to a scale of 5cm (Kosombi) per inch. The changes in color of the backbone of the chromosome for each cross represents the space between any two framework loci. Markers in blue type are framework loci. Markers in green type are unique placement loci. Markers in black type are "bouncy" placement loci.

You will find that map distances between markers will vary from cross to cross but order should be well preserved. We welcome observations of potentially erroneous marker placements. Please report these to: Robert Steen: Please include the type of cross you used (F2 intercross, backcross, etc.), the strains used in the cross, the number of animals genotyped, the method of genotyping (EtBR agarose, P32-PAGE, ABI377-fluorescence, etc) and the observations you made.

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Note: Chromosome orientations utilized were as determined in the following publication: Spirer, et. al. (1998). Gene-based anchoring of the rat genetic linkage and cytogenetic maps: new regional localizations, orientation of the linkage groups, and insights into mammalian chromosome evolution. Mammalian Genome 9, 721-734.

If you desire hard copies of these images, they are available via anonymous ftp in three formats: PDF , PICT and POSTSCRIPT . These files have been scaled to fit on a standard 8.5 X 11 inch page and therefore each image has a distinct hash scale at the bottom in Kosambi centiMorgans. The original files (scaled 5 Kosambi cM per inch are also available as PICTs and GIFs.

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