Contribute to the BBBC

We welcome contributions of the following:
  • Image sets with descriptions and ground truth
  • High-throughput image sets
  • Published benchmarking results of algorithms applied to the BBBC image sets
  • Corrections to existing descriptions or ground truth
  • Feedback on the benchmarking methodology or other aspects of the BBBC
The best way to reach us is by email:

Contributing image sets

If you are considering contributing an image set and associated ground truth to the BBBC, the best first step is to make a draft of the description of the image set and its ground truth, using one of the existing image sets as a template. Send us the draft description, as well as an example image. Together, we will discuss whether the BBBC is the best home for your image set. We will also offer feedback on the description and the best formats for providing the images and ground truth.