Release 2.1 Details


Release 2.0 (10/04/2002) contained a second version of the Magnaporthe assembly (assembly number 2) and a first pass automated annotation of genes. The 11,108 gene loci were assigned unique locus numbers from MG00001 to MG11108. Each locus was assigned the version number 1, thus creating the full loci names such as MG00001.1. This second release (labeled release 2.1) of this assembly includes repeat features, modifications to existing genes, and 3 new genes.


We have added 33,659 repeat features in this release. These repeats can be displayed with the feature search tool.

Gene Modifications

Since Release 2.0 we have improved our gene calling software. Out of the existing 11,108 genes, 17 were modified, 2 were deleted, and 3 newly-called genes were added to release 2.1. The 17 modified genes were assigned the same locus numbers, but given the version number 2. The modified genes are:

LocusGene nameContigOriginal length (bp)New length (bp)Status
MG00604.1hypothetical protein ( TBB_EPITY TUBULIN BETA CHAIN gi|283345|pir||S14121 tubulin beta chain - fungus (Epichloe typhina) gi|2718|emb|CAA36845.1| (X52616) beta-tubulin [Epichloe typhina] )2.10311701994modified as MG00604.2
MG01282.1hypothetical protein ( (X98063) polyubiquitin [Pinus sylvestris] )2.2322341011modified as MG01282.2
MG01380.1hypothetical protein ( (NCU05363.1) probable 26S proteinase subunit protein [MIPS] )2.2547141351modified as MG01380.2
MG01930.1hypothetical protein ( AF333034_1 (AF333034) putative transposase [Magnaporthe grisea] )2.36316671672modified as MG01930.2
MG02161.1hypothetical protein ( AF333034_1 (AF333034) putative transposase [Magnaporthe grisea] )2.40516721677modified as MG02161.2
MG03982.1hypothetical protein ( ACTG_CEPAC Actin, gamma gi|6002486|gb|AAF00008.1|AF056976_1 (AF056976) gamma-actin [Acremonium chrysogenum] gi|12718452|emb|CAC28718.1| (AL513445) Actin [Neurospora crassa] )2.7674011762modified as MG03982.2
MG04295.1hypothetical protein ( S51577 transposase - rice blast fungus gi|496854|emb|CAA83918.1| (Z33638) transposase [Magnaporthe grisea] )2.81614671965modified as MG04295.2
MG04660.1hypothetical protein ( AF116453_1 (AF116453) cyclin-dependent protein kinase PHOSs [Sporothrix schenckii] )2.87411621152modified as MG04660.2
MG04798.1hypothetical protein ( AF333034_1 (AF333034) putative transposase [Magnaporthe grisea] )2.906140 deleted
MG04799.1hypothetical protein2.9069821733modified as MG04799.2
MG05776.1hypothetical protein ( S51577 transposase - rice blast fungus gi|496854|emb|CAA83918.1| (Z33638) transposase [Magnaporthe grisea] )2.107815972027modified as MG05776.2
MG06884.1hypothetical protein ( (AF336912) calmodulin [Fusarium proliferatum] gi|15637122|gb|AAL04428.1| (AF291057) calmodulin [Fusarium proliferatum] )2.1278495977modified as MG06884.2
MG06958.1hypothetical protein ( (NCU09602.1) HEAT SHOCK 70 KD PROTEIN (HSP70) )2.12875622086modified as MG06958.2
MG07165.1hypothetical protein ( (NCU06764.1) hypothetical protein )2.132711531153modified as MG07165.2
MG07456.1hypothetical protein ( (NCU03804.1) phosphoprotein phosphatase 3-alpha catalytic chain [MIPS] )2.138620051876modified as MG07456.2
MG07695.1hypothetical protein ( S51577 transposase - rice blast fungus gi|496854|emb|CAA83918.1| (Z33638) transposase [Magnaporthe grisea] )2.142912811778modified as MG07695.2
MG07928.1hypothetical protein ( (AK013873) data source:MGD, source key:MGI:98888, evidence:ISS~putative~ubiquitin B [Mus musculus] )2.1472489332modified as MG07928.2
MG09926.1hypothetical protein ( G6PD_ASPNG Glucose-6-phosphate 1-dehydrogenase (G6PD) gi|1362510|pir||S57485 glucose-6-phosphate 1-dehydrogenase (EC - Aspergillus niger gi|870831|emb|CAA61194.1| (X87942>name_too_long_truncated )2.189618041816modified as MG09926.2
MG10885.1hypothetical protein ( (AJ249920) transposase [Magnaporthe grisea] )2.2100364 deleted

In addition, the gene caller created 3 new genes. These have been assigned loci:

LocusGene nameContigLength
MG11109.1hypothetical protein ( transposase [Magnaporthe grisea] )2.1013335
MG11110.1hypothetical protein ( transposase [Magnaporthe grisea] )2.2027411
MG11111.1hypothetical protein ( transposase [Magnaporthe grisea] )2.2100335

None of the underlying contig sequences have been modified for release 2.1. Only predicted gene positions have been altered.