4/18/2014    New publication on Cryptococcus neoformans H99

Our paper "Analysis of the Genome and Transcriptome of Cryptococcus neoformans var. grubii Reveals Complex RNA Expression and Microevolution Leading to Virulence Attenuation" is available online today in PLoS Genetics

1/27/2014    Release of updated assembly and annotation (V3) for Cryptococcus neoformans grubii H99

Chromosome 14 sequence has been updated to include the centromere region. The genes are migrated from the V2 assembly.

9/6/2013    Release of RNAseq-Based Annotation Update for Cryptococcus neoformans grubii H99

We used strand-specific and non-stranded RNA-seq to update the predicted gene structures in collaboration with Guilhem Janbon's group at the Pasteur Institute. Most genes now have UTR predictions based on RNA-seq; intron exon boundaries were also updated and polyA addition sites added. This release presents:

A full summary can be found here.

12/8/2008    Release of Gene set version 4.0

This annotated release presents:

A full summary can be found here. Click here for a description of how the gene predictions were generated.

12/8/2008    Initial release of our chromosome-based sequence assembly

Initial release of chromosome-based sequence assembly of the Cryptococcus neoformans serotype A genome from strain H99. This assembly was provided by Jason Stajich (UC-Berkeley) and Fred Dietrich (Duke). The scaffolding was based on the previous release of 11X Arachne assembly (AACO02000000) and a genetic map generated by Jim Kronstad (Vancouver Genome Sequence Centre), with some additional sequencing and PCR to validate the putative joins.

The sequence traces from the Broad Institute sequencing can be downloaded from the NCBI trace repository. This genome project has been deposited at DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank under the project accession AACO00000000. This release is the third version, AACO03000000.

This initial release allows:

  • BLAST searches against our genome assembly
  • Downloads of the consensus sequence and additional files for the genome assembly
  • Search and download a particular region of the genome assembly