Photo Captions and Credits

All photos are courtesy of Joyce Longcore, from The University of Maine.

Captions for the photos in the Home page (from left to right):

  1. B. dendrobatidis begins its life cycle as a zoospore (shown), which grows into a thallus producing a single zoosporangium, which releases new zoospores.
  2. A zoosporangium with zoospores exiting through discharge papilla.
  3. Frog skin (smooth-sided toad: Bufo guttatus) infected with Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis; this frog died at the National Zoological Park.
  4. Swabbing a Phylomedusa lemur for later molecular detection of B. dendrobatidis DNA by a PCR-based assay.
  5. Phylomedusa lemur in native habitat (Panama). This individual was sick, as evidenced by its lack of righting response; it was the source of the sequenced strain JEL423.

Citing these data

Please cite as: “Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis Sequencing Project, Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT (”